Top 5 Photo Apps

I know what you’re thinking, ‘this is an easy one’. Well, perhaps not as easy as you might think. With more than 10,000 photo-related apps available in the Apple store alone, the pick of the bunch might not be as easy to find.

I’ve put together a Top 5 Photo Apps (iPhone and Android) list that I think (although I’m not even close to trying out every photo app available) contains a decent mix of apps that should set your iPhone and Android photo needs in good stead. I’ve got a mix of the major players and some underdogs that I never leave home without, which is easy because they’re all on my phone and leaving the house without your phone is just silly.

So in no particular order I have:


Snapseed is Google’s response to Instagram, however what they’ve done is taken it down the – let you be able to change a bucket load of parameters on your photos – route, leaving its user base mostly containing creatives who understand what they are changing and don’t mind spending a fair few minutes fine tuning their photos.

Having said that, if you are happy to spend a little time on your photos, Snapseed can work wonders on troublesome shots. The level you can enhance individual elements of a photo is astonishing and that’s before you even think about filters. Which are great by the way.

However, in their attempt to better their photo app competitors, they seem to have forgotten the one thing that makes apps like Instagram so popular. It’s ease and the speed you can take, filter and share your photos in.


Tiny Planet

Right, so let’s get the awkward bit out of the way. This one isn’t free. But I can assure you it’s worth the 69p if you’re looking for a really cool app that will transform your photos into something that will impress your pals.

Tiny planet turns your photos into a globe/spherical shape and works incredibly well with landscape shots. It won’t by any means work with every photo but you’re frequently reminded whilst using the app how to achieve the best Tiny Planet photo and once you know what works and what doesn’t, get ready to see something special.

Get it quick while its fresh and create unique, cool photos before everyone is using it!



No photo app utility tool belt can be fully equipped without a collage app.

To be quite honest, there are so many apps that offer almost exactly the same outcome so I have no real bias over Diptic. It just happened to be one of the first I used and I’ve had no reason to change since.

The concept is quite simple, turn a few photos into a collage and share it with your pals, or as something that is getting increasingly popular create your collage and print it to canvas. One thing Diptic does have up its sleeve is that you can apply filters and text to the collages, doing exactly what a few of the other apps on this list offer, but in one app.

Diptic gives you a massive selection of designs and styles to arrange your photos to and it’s an ideal way to some up a trip or an event on your social networks with one photo.

diptic-photo-app diptic-app


The classic, the big dog.

By far the most used photo app on Android and iOS devices. It’s been imitated a hell of a lot since but that doesn’t stop this giant from being its own social networking platform. Utterly simple in the 19 choices of filter you get, but there really is one for every occasion. Pimping up your photos making them look stylised to the max.

Recently adding the video feature with 13 filters available, which I for one, was eagerly awaiting the first big dog video filter app. This takes on from what Vine offers with short clips, you still just simply touch the screen to record allowing you to get the shot perfect and create jumpy video sequences as seen so commonly on Vine.

But what makes Instagram the mammoth it is, is its pure ease of use and it’s ridiculously simple sharing capabilities.

Oh yeah, and that your 100 million mates are all on it too.



Last, but certainly by no means least we have ‘Over’.

This app gives you the option to add stylised text, icons and designs to your photos, transforming them from a standard photo to what I think looks like quirky print advertising. It costs just a little over £1 but unlike the other text to photo apps available, Over is very high quality and the level to which you can edit the text or designs is great. You have a huge list of stylistic fonts to choose from with more available from in app purchases. Sure there are free alternatives, but in my experience they all have a way of giving you next to no features without paying for the extras.

It’s not something you see on a lot of photos on social media, but I’m a big fan of the how it lets you show off where you are/have been in quite a unique way. It’s definitely something that’s getting more and more popular and it won’t be long before you see this style of photo post everywhere. So best get involved now and get your creative muscles working.


So there, go forth and download and make your photos stand out. Any other tips? Shout us below!