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Top 5 Summer Gadgets

Summer is a time for friends, love and laughs. But to make the most of any Summer you are going to need to put some technology in there as well. A well groomed garden can make or break a BBQ, music just makes the beach seem a better place and of course a camera to capture memories you will never forget.

We have pulled together five must have technologies for you this Summer. And not all of them are as you would expect!

UE Roll
A simple and hardwearing speaker is a summer must. Following on from our favourite even Bluetooth speak, the UE Boom. The Roll is a go anywhere speaker is a must for the summer. Something with a good battery life and then ultimately beach proof should be top of your list. The all new UE Roll ricks all of those boxes. Still built on the hugely successful Boom architecture, the new Boom is a smaller, more portable Bluetooth speak which is literally go anywhere and do anything. It is your must have this summer. £100 and find out more info here.


Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Lawnmower
Yes, whilst a lawnmower wasn’t your first thought, chances are you have grass right? Well if you do then the new Bosch is for you. Petrol is a thing of the past and as are long wires. The Bosch Rotak features a 36V Lithium-ion battery for long lasting and high power. We could have went completely automated, but you need to keep some of your masculinity right?? Oh, and did we mention it looks insane, like a cool autobot perhaps? Starting at £500 from Amazon.


Oxboard – Personal Mobility
Forget a Segway, they are wayyyyy to big and clunky unless you are whizzing off-road. Personal mobility is all about a new breed of self leveling, 360 degree foot boards such as the new Oxboard. 100% electric, the Oxboard can go forwards, backwards and spin very much on the spot. Fully charged you can hit 10KM an hour and get around 20KM in distance. Perfect for your work commute then. Grab one now from £595 and find more info right here.


Sony A600
A camera is a must have this summer, yes your phone can do much but for those special moments when you wish you had a proper camera, look no further than the new Sony A6000. Filled to the brim with technology you can even upload direct to your favourite social media site if you wish. The video is immense and the face tracking technollogy will recognise a face and even track it through a crowd!! From £495 at John Lewis.


Solar Paper Charger
With all this technology, you are going to need some power. And whilst wall plugs will help, when you are out and about you might need something a little more special. The new Solar Paper Charger is just the job, a versatile solar charger that is so flexible and thin you can pin it just about everywhere. It’s currently funded 1500% and starts at just £50 on Kickstarter.


There we have it, our top 5 Summer gadgets you just can’t live without during the sunshine. Need to add more? Want us to share yours? Just shout us over at @averagejoesblog



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