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Touchjet Wave

Every Joe knows that for technology to be deemed ‘state-of-the-art’ it needs to have one feature – touchscreen capability. But when it comes to your televisions, most of us simply cannot afford to fork out the vast amounts of hard-earned cash a touchscreen would cost you. But there is an alternative in the Touchjet Wave, which transforms your home television into a massive touchscreen tablet!

The Touchjet Wave uses infrared technology to track your finger or stylus, which comes included, on a television screen, and then translates your movement into commands understood by the in-built Android system.

In essence, all the apps and streaming services that you can use on your smartphone or tablet can be used on the big screen through the Wave, as there’s naturally some wireless technology built-in. There’s also an accompanying app which means Joes can remotely control the Touchjet Wave from the comfort of a bed or sofa.

The Touchjet Wave comes with a padded mount and can quickly be attached to the top of TV screens up to 60 inches (152 cm) in size. Simply plug it in, connect the provided HDMI cables and the Touchjet Wave is good to go!

Touchjet has a history of crowdfunding and interactions with Android. The Touchjet Pond, for example, used a palm-sized micro projector to transform surfaces into giant touchscreens.

We reckon the Touchjet Wave might be the simplest way of converting your TV into a touchscreen without having to buy a brand new already-enabled one. It’s also very cheap and you get hold of one for as little as around £65 ($99) from crowd-funding website Indiegogo with deliveries starting sometime in March 2016.




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