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Trinity Sports Earphones

While we like to use proven brands with our technology, sometimes you can find some real bargains when you’re not paying for the name. One in that vein that’s caught our eye is Trinity Audio, and they’re currently selling some true high-end sports in-ear headphones over on Kickstarter!

There are two different designs of the Trinity sports earphones; the Helio and the Atlas. Both of earphones are nano coated to protect from water damage and feature a five stage filter tuning system. The encouraging thing is Trinity clearly know their sound and pay impressive attention to detail.

The Trinity Helio and Atlas both feature neodymium 8mm dynamic drivers enclosed in a precision engineered aluminium shell. The hydrophobic layer on the earphones ensures superior liquid repellency, by protecting the entire device in just one process – leaving no weak points to attract moisture and corrosion.

Each Trinity earphones comes with four detachable cables. Two of them are for sports use (1.2M & 0.6M) and are equipped with a multifunction remote and mic, which works on Android, iOS and Windows devices. The third cable features a multi-braid cable design and regular spring loaded 3.5mm jack, while the fourth features a multi-braid cable with a 3.5mm TRRS balanced jack. It’s fair to say whatever you’re preference, you’re covered.

The earphones also come with five different interchangeable earphone filters: The Red filter offers enhanced bass; the Orange filter slightly decreases the bass; the Yellow filter offers a more balanced sound signature with a very slight increase bass over neutral with a great mid and high range sparkle; the Purple filter offers a more balanced sound signature across the frequencies; and the Gunmetal filter reduces bass signature with an focus on upper mids and treble.

The Trinity CNC machined shells are designed for the optimum comfort and fit. The front raised area and rear lip (raised slightly on Atlas) are there to further secure the fit in the ear without causing discomfort – perfect for the gym or running!

The Trinity Audio sports earphones have already made half of their target on Kickstarter after just a couple of days. The earphones come in either Purple, polished Aluminium, Orange, Gunmetal, matt Black or Red and seem to be fully worth the gamble at a discounted £70. So have a look at the Trinity Kickstarter Website.




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