TRNTBL Wireless VNYL Turntable

With vinyl sales going through the roof and showing no signs of slowing down, it’s only logical that the demand for turntables has seen a similar rise. With that come a whole host of new ideas and designs, and one of the more interesting ones we’ve come across is the TRNTBL by VNYL.

If you’re not familiar with VNYL, they’re a start-up based in California who offers Joes a vinyl record subscription service. Launched in March 2015, VNYL offers its members a shipment of 3 new vinyl records a month, each curated to the member’s personal music taste.

It’s a nice idea which has been so successful that the company decided to turn their hands to actually building the turntables themselves. Introducing the TRNTBL (pronounced ‘turntable’), the first Internet of Things record player with wireless audio streaming and social music sharing.

TRNTBL Wireless VNYL Turntable 4
VNYL are claiming the TRNTBL is ‘a first-of-its-kind vinyl record player’, and while that’s not strictly too with the wireless bit, the social sharing aspect is actually fairly unique. TRNTBL identifies the music while spinning on vinyl and can share this with your social networks in real time.

TRNTBL Wireless VNYL Turntable 3
TRNTBL also offers a live tune-in service exclusively on Spotify, so you can stream digital from the app directly into the system – something which has never before available on turntable before. Not only that, the decks can stream uncompressed audio to all of Sonos’ back catalogue via its integrated AirPlay and Bluetooth.

We love the simplistic beauty of the TRNTBL with its smooth lines and clean aesthetic. It’s available in either Creme+Gold or Black+Gold and will retail at around £285 ($420) when it’s officially release but you can pre-order it now for around £240 ($351). Head over to the TRNTBL Website for more details.

TRNTBL Wireless VNYL Turntable 1
TRNTBL Wireless VNYL Turntable 5