Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Trobla Wooden Smartphone Amplifier

Slovenian company TOK TOK has created a wooden smartphone amplifier that we absolutely love the look of called Trobla.

The portable and sustainable Trobla amplifier is compatible with either iOS or Android devices and it doesn’t even need to be charged as it uses your phone’s juice. It’s an environmentally friendly way to amplify sound too as it uses fully sustainable materials to create the wooden block that doesn’t contain a single electronic component.

‘Trobla’ is the Slovenian word for horn, and the company wanted to orchestrate the best sound a horn can produce. The secret lies in getting it to come out as smooth as possible from your smartphone through the amp. TOK TOK used a cone to keep tones sharp and created a special chamber to enhance the stereophony and low frequencies.

The Trobla wooden smartphone amplifier comes in two different designs with a choice of either Maple or Walnut wood. We haven’t heard the sound quality yet and that would be our main concern but TOK TOK promise it’s a decent quality.

The project is currently over on Kickstarter and was looking to raise just $10,700 in pledges to make the jump into production. With two weeks remaining, the Trobla has already made $40,000. We reckon people are sold on the design alone as they look excellent.

You can grab a Trobla for $65 (around £40) on Kickstarter now, which is $15 less than it will go on sale when it hits retail. So get there before they all go on the Trobla Kickstarter Website.




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