If you’re a regular commuter or use your earphones in a loud office, you’ll know just how frustrating tangled earbuds can be. While most do come with a small clip at the top, they’re usually incredibly flimsy and you’re still left with a knotted pair of earphones the next day. But there is a solution… introducing the Universal Nearbuds.

Tangled Earphones Are a Thing of the Past with Universal Nearbuds

Universal Nearbuds are powerful magnetic storage clips designed to help neatly and conveniently organise, stash and store wires of all kinds, including earphones and charging cables. Perfect for use at home, in the office, or on the go, Nearbuds clip to cords and magnetically snap together, leaving you with tangle-free earphones and clutter-free work stations.

If you’re on the go, Nearbuds allow you to stow your headphones behind your neck or throw them in a backpack or tote knowing they won’t tangle. Better still, they also attach to charging cables, which means you can organise all your chargers by simply snapping them to the self-adhesive steel disc included in each package (or to any magnetic surface).


Like all the best ideas, it’s a beautiful simple solution to a problem some of us face on an almost daily basis. And the multitude of functions means the Universal Nearbuds should fit any purpose or lifestyle. We should also say they fit perfectly around Apple-type earbuds – essentially anything with a normal-sized wire.

Available in six colours, each Universal Nearbuds package contains three magnetic clips, as well as a handy self-adhesive, magnet-friendly steel disc. They’re available to purchase now over at Kickstarter, where they cost around £14 plus around £5 for postage to the UK. There’s only 3 weeks left of backing, so head over ASAP!


Last week, rumours surfaced that Apple’s wireless Airpods headphone will feature noise cancellation and water resistant technology. Not only that the company are also rumoured to be working on an over-ear model too.



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