Unofficial iphone store – Cydia

Cydia, (unofficial software installer for jailbroken iPhones), has always the best place to pick up unauthorised applications for your iphone due to Apples odd, (well monopolised) approval process.

Now Jay Freeman (Cydia creator) is going to step a little further into Apples world of trouble and offering jailbreak developers the chance to sell their creations for real money and take a commission in-line with current appstore charges. Expect to see, funny, socially wrong and pornographic games and apps hitting it soon. And with cash on other expect more and more developers to turn to the ‘dark side’.

Now this could have a few legal implications, but Freeman has said he will fight in court if necessary and many believe he has a good case ‘due to the monopolistic nature of the iTunes App Store’.

Sounds a good way to open the market to me!