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UO Smart Beam Laser Projector

If you’re in the market for a mini projector, you’re usually stuck having to choose between two of the following three features: high-resolution, small size and reasonable brightness. You don’t want a novelty projector toy, a glorified flashlight or a projector that’s just too large to carry around. So meet the UO Smart Beam Laser Projector.

The UO Smart Beam Laser is the world’s smallest 1280 x 720p HD laser projector. This pico projector has a native real HD resolution created using advanced laser-based LCOS technology, all contained in an incredibly small 2.2 inch cube – to put it into context, that’s about half an inch longer than a golf ball!

The UO Smart Beam Laser uses a laser diode, rather than the typical LED-type bulb of typical pico projectors. This apparently means that the projected image will stay sharp without the need of a clumsy focus motor or dial, even when projecting on uneven surfaces or multiple planes.

The UO Smart Beam also comes with a high capacity battery that can operate for two hours on a full charge – just enough for a decent film. Obviously it will operate while plugged in as well, but the battery may take longer to charge.

The projector itself may be small but UO say the projected screen is eight feet wide when the projector is placed six feet away. Not bad at all. The UO Smart Beam Laser features a micro-HDMI port for all your usual devices and is also compatible with most MHL and HDMI-enabled devices out of the box without the need for any additional software. Just plug it in and play.

The Smart Beam does also contain a 1W speaker inside the device which can be used for audio on-the-go. But if you have any sense of sound, you’ll know that’s not much. External speakers can be used by connecting the audio from the source device to the external audio device, so Bluetooth speakers might come in handy here!

The UO Smart Beam Laser is one of the best examples of a small projector we’ve seen around and they seem to have nailed everything in terms of functionality. You can get hold of one via the UO Beam Website for a price of $420 (around £270). Well worth it if you’re going to put it to good use.




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