We reported on the reveal of the Luma wireless earbuds from URBANEARS earlier this year. We recently tested a pair to see if they can be a good budget alternative to Apple’s offering.

I’ve been rocking a pair of these URBANEARS Luma wireless earbuds for just over a week now. I’ve used them everyday in a range of situations to see if they can replace my old budget wireless headphones and spoiler warning, they have!

They arrive in a nice compact box that’s got that simple aesthetic we’ve come to expect from most tech brands. Inside you’ll find the headphones in their charging case, some instructions, a USB-C charging cable and not a lot else. The cable is quite short but thankfully I’ve got a load of USB-C cables about the house.

The charging case is nice and slim and well built. It is easy to open and stores the earbuds neatly. The rough finish is a nice alternative to the shiny plastic found on most cases but I have found that after a week of living in my pocket, it is starting to show signs of wear. Nothing serious but it doesn’t look quite as fresh as it did on day one. Each earbud has an obvious place so getting them in the wrong way round isn’t possible. The case will charge the Lumas up to five times and reportedly gives you up to 25 hours of listening between case charges.

They are dead simple to pair with your phone. It takes seconds and they are working. I used them on my iPhone 11 but there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a similar experience on the smartphone of your choice. They are Bluetooth 5.0 enabled so no issues with lag or connection problems. I can easily walk from my living room into my kitchen and not notice any drop in quality.

A series of taps on the buds will enable, pause, skip forward/back a track etc and a long hold enables your voice assistant. One aspect that isn’t listed in the user guide that I really like is that it pauses whatever you are listening to if you remove an earbud (and hold onto it) and then starts playing when you put it back. This is very handy if someone tries to talk to you when you’re listening to something.

Quality-wise they are pretty good. The sound quality is clear and handles most types of music well. Vocals are clear and the sound stage is impressive. The sound is far more immersive than I was expecting for the price. They don’t have much in the way of bass but given the type of earbud they are, that is fine. You’ll want a more in-ear type to get that and frankly I don’t find those types as comfortable. I’ll take comfort over ultimately sound quality every day. I honestly can’t hear much difference between these and Apple’s entry level wireless earbuds despite the huge price difference. They might even have a slight edge in some areas.

Calls are handled well but like most earbuds, the environment you are n will affect the quality of your conversation more than simply using your phone. They have dual microphones and everyone I’ve spoke to on the phone has had no issues hearing me.

The design is quite comfortable. They are light and fit in the ear nicely. I haven’t had a chance to test them in a sports environment but rapid head movement doesn’t seem to move them and not once have I worried that they’ll drop out. They are water and splash resistant but during this heatwave I’ve yet to test that out.

Overall I really like these earbuds. There are better items out there but at a much higher price. Before URBANEARS sent these over, I had planned to get a set of Apple’s wireless buds with charging case but now I won’t bother. As a daily pair for general use, these more than capable for most people out there.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Luma are available to order directly from URBANEARS for £79.99 and are available in Charcoal Black, Dusty White, Teal Green and Ultra Violet.