If you’re a cyclist in the market for a ride that’s different from your Average Raleigh, take a look at the stunning Vanhawks Valour from Ali Zahid. With potential to take cycling to a new, and more integrated level.

Vanhawks Valour Smart Bike

The Vanhawks Valour Smart Cycle is constructed from carbon fibre and has all sorts of gadgets and gizmos mainly for the cyclists safety. They include performance tracking, interactive feedback and security sensors.

Pioneering technology to enhance safety, the Vankawks Valour integrates a turn-by-turn navigation system so your hands can stay firmly on the handlebars. It does this by using low energy Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphones, and then alerts you to which direction using discreet lights in the handlebars themselves. It even uses this to prompt the bike’s LED indicators to let traffic around you know your intentions – particularly handy for you urban riders. Assuming of course you agree to take that route!

Even more fascinating than any of that is the integrated haptic feedback in the handlebar grips that vibrate to alert you if any vehicle or object might be in your blind spot. While helmets don’t do us stylish sorts the world of cool – we can get on board with this sort of safety!


Creator Ali Zahid says, “We’re rethinking the commute, one bicycle at a time. Technology impacts our lives in countless ways. Yet we ride the same, archaic bicycles to and from work every day, disconnected from our environment and ourselves. It’s time to integrate the most influential technology into the bicycle. You’re connected, why shouldn’t your bike be?”

It also has the added bonus of looking great. It’s clean and sleek and we like it a lot. It’s currently on Kickstarter to raise enough pledges to begin production. With this sort of technology involved, they may not be cheap starting at $999, but they are almost certainly going to be value for money.

If you like what you see, get pledging here or take a look at the video below.




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