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Veebeam HD
VeeBeam HD

VeeBeam HD

I, like I am sure many others, am forever swapping HDMI cables between my devices so I can plug my laptop in to the TV. Whether for watching films, iPlayer or just some full screen goodness! Two porblems occur, the hassle of changing leads, and the fact I lose my laptop to whatever I have on screen. Well the Veebeam may change all that.

Veebeam HD is a new streaming device that will stream anything from a computer / laptop with a USB port to your television. Although the old Beta model came across a number of teething problems the new release is easy to set up and streams up to 1080p and includes an optical audio output so you can even grab surround sound.

The main advantage we see with the Veebeam is the new ‘Play to’ mode which allows you to stream files from your laptop to your TV without the need to show them on your desktop. Basically this means you are free to work, email, surf the net on your lap, while a film streams in the background on your TV. Pretty nifty huh?

Now like everything, we may have a few drawbacks, for starters you are going to need a pretty heavy duty Mac or PC so get this baby working, tablets and netbooks are a no no from the off. We also hear there is a delay while streaming, so if you find yourself using this for gaming then chances are you are already as dead as a peeled penguin in a frying pan. However films and the like should be fine. We also can’t work out if you can stream things like iPlayer in the ‘Play to’ mode. If you can’t we hope it will be in a future release soon!

Are these show stoppers? Let’s be honest, perhaps. The idea is there but we still have a few stumbling blocks, we are hoping for a review version soon to give you the lowdown and we will get you posted.

You can find more on the product at the official website, Veebeam or you can buy on Amazon now.



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