Jul 24 2009 @averagejoesblog

Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Ha, check this shit out! Well it is Summer (judging by the rain at my window!) and no doubt many of us will be hitting the watersports (not that kind!) over the holidays.

The JetLev- Fly Water Jet Pack is watersports with a difference, an engine sits on the top of the water and pumps water up through the 10 metre hose and into the jet pack. This then spurts out water in 2 streams and can reach an altitude of 10 metres and a top speed of 30mph, the thing will apparently carry on going for 200 miles before needing a refuel.

Amazingly this thing is in production, but you might choke on the £160 K price tag! Check out the video after the break.




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