Real time translation devices have long been the technology industry’s gold at the end of the rainbow with companies rarely getting anywhere close to their initial claims. Well, one New York start up may just have come closer to that pot than anyone else. Meet the Pilot earpiece by Waverly Labs.

Waverly Labs Pilot Language Translating Earpiece

At the convergence of wearable technology and machine translation, the Pilot is the world’s first smart earpiece which allegedly translates for Joes when speaking different languages: Somebody talks to you in French, the pilot earpiece will read it back in English. Magic.

In order to use the device, one of the parties in the conversation can use the accompanying app with the other member wearing the device. It will then translate any audible input into the language you’ve both selected. But Waverly do say that both members in the conversation wearing the earpiece will give the best results.

Waverly Labs Pilot Earpiece 3
The Waverly Labs Pilot earpiece will initially allow wearers to get translation from English, Spanish, French and Italian but more languages are said to be in the pipe work. These starting languages will come bundled when Joes buy the device, while premium packages with more languages will be sold separately in the future.

Waverly Labs Pilot Earpiece 4
We absolutely love the sound of the Pilot translation earpiece, and if it works as well as it claims, we’re sure one of the big boy tech firms will snap it up. The only issue at the moment is Waverly Labs say they can’t ensure perfect translation thanks to dialects, idioms and accents.

The Waverly Labs Pilot earpiece is available now to pre-order, with an early bird special rate of around £90 ($129). Full retail cost will be around the £170-200 mark. Watch a demo of the device in the video below and pre-order at the Waverly Labs Website.

Waverly Labs Pilot Earpiece 2



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