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What is Apple TV?
Apple TV

Apple TV

We really couldn’t be arsed to cover the Apple launch yesterday, you can read about that anywhere, literally my Nan told me about it in her mobility newsletter… Any way what we did think we would look at is the new Apple TV and what it might mean to you.

It started as a personal pet project of Steve Jobs and he really doesn’t seem to want to let it go so here we are again, you maybe remember eyeTV? Well this is the re-packaged version. The box is pretty damn sexy, think the mini mac, but smaller and black (see pics). There is no hard-drive and everything will be streamed direct. Once you have the box you will need to purchase a television show from iTunes (99c or 59p ish a pop for HD) or one of the latest films (around $4). Once purchased you have 48 hours to view (copy, rip, whatever) the program before you lose it forever. Bear in mind though, movies will be released on DVD release, not cinema release.

Now one of the best features (if it works) will be the ability to stream your music, movies, and photos from your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad via wireless thanks to the new AirPlay functionality. Although not completely running yet (we will need to wait till the iOS 4.2 upgrade in November) this could be the game changer. For instance; you are watching a program on Apple TV from your iPhone and you have to rush out? Well just pause, get on the train or bus and continue watching there. No gaps, no searching, no nothing. Seamless…

What I would love to see in the UK is the ability to play from the BBC iPlayer, 4OD etc but at the moment no rumours on support. However once we can sync with the iPhone I can’t see it being to long before this option is available, especially with the mini USB port which means the cool kids will be jailbreaking Apple TV before they can spell it…

You will also find the remote app available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad just to make it that little cooler if you are not keen in the included remote (below)…

Apple TV Remote

Apple TV Remote

On the box you will find 802.11n WiFi and an Ethernet port, HDMI video output, mini USB and optical audio. Throw in the swish stainless steel remote and to you my friends £99 or $99. You can of course check out more info over at Apple TV.

So what do you think? Let’s be fair, less that a ton for a media sever that looks this good is nothing so I can see it being a hit, as for paying for old TV and Films I just can’t see it catching on just yet…

What is Apple TV?

What is Apple TV?



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