Who Are Wish? As Seen with Neymar, Bale, Buffon & Co

If you’ve been watching as much of the World Cup as we have, you may have found yourself wondering who the hell are Wish? You know who we’re talking about – they’ve been advertising during the tournament with adverts featuring the some of the world’s biggest stars, including Neymar, Buffon, Bale, Pogba and Van Persie. But while they’ve obviously got a huge advertising budget, we’re still wondering what exactly is Wish?

The Wish adverts shows the likes of Bale and Buffon sewing and baking, so are they a textile or catering service? Not exactly. Wish is an eCommerce platform which sells literally millions of products at usually incredibly discounted prices. Though they may be relatively unheard of in the UK, they do have over 300 million users across the world.

Popular in the likes of Brazil and especially in the United States, Wish are actually the sixth largest eCommerce company in the world. And according to their website, “we’re shooting for #1.” Available on your desktop as well as on smartphones ran on Android, iPhone or Windows, Wish is currently valued at $8.5 billion according to Forbes.

Once you’ve logged in, Wish sells anything and everything, from clothes to toys. And the vast majority of things are cheap. Very cheap. And that’s because it cuts out the middle man with everything shipped directly from manufacturers in China and other countries in Asia.

But while that does mean you can get the same quality goods for a fraction of the price, it does mean shipping prices are relatively high, delivery times are much longer, and you do risk purchasing some low-quality products after close inspection. That said, if you do your homework and don’t mind waiting – there are some bargains around.

So next time you see Robin Van Persie trimming a hedge, you know it’s all in the name of cheap products from an Amazon-like app! Find out more about Wish here.