On the search some of the most innovative and unique dwellings on the planet, take a look at the Wikkelhouse. Hailing from Amsterdam, the Wikkelhouse uses cardboard as its main building material, creating a cutting-edge sustainable house with a stunning design that still maintains exceptional constructive strength.

The Wikkelhouse Uses Cardboard to Create Sustainable Living

Four years of research and development led to the Wikkelhouse. Using a unique rotating house-shaped mould, layer after layer of cardboard (24 to be exact) is wrapped and bonded with eco-friendly superglue. The result is an incredibly robust sandwich structure with optimal insulation qualities.

‘Wikkelen’ is Dutch for wrapping, hence how the Wikkelhouse got its name. Each house is made up of 1.2 meter deep segments which can easily be connected and disconnected. The modular setup means the house is extremely flexible in size and make-up. Each Wikkelhouse is tailor-made with extra windows, different furnishings, and different colour schemes to suit your need.


Since Wikkelhouse is sustainably produced and made of materials that have minimal impact on the environment, the makers say that the process is 3 x more eco-friendly than traditional housing. Moreover, the segments can be reused over and over again and are 100% recyclable.

With each segment weighing 500kgs, the Wikkelhouse doesn’t even need a foundation and can essentially be placed anywhere you want it. Each house is also finished with waterproof but breathable foil and wood panelling too, so it’s protected from all weather conditions. Nobody wants soggy cardboard!


The uses are essentially endless with the Wikkelhouse able to be whatever you want it to be. Currently there are Wikkelhouses on Rotterdam harbour, in Holland’s largest nature reserve, and if you can even find one canalside in Hoxton Docks, London on the rooftop of a former coal storage facility.

If you love the design of the Wikkelhouse as much as we do, head over to the Wikkelhouse Website where prices for three segments start from around £30,000. A fairly reasonable price given it can be used as a house, office or simply a place to unwind.




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