If you’ve ever picked up a copy of WIRED and had a leaf through the pages, or even just a cursory browse of their website, then odds are you’ve seen at least one gadget or piece of kit you’d love to simply get your hands on and test for yourself. Well, just in time for Christmas, WIRED are taking to the streets of London, sponsored by Samsung! Actually, just off of Regent’s street to be precise. A pop-up store will be launching that intends to bring products, demonstrations and exhibits that celebrate the concept of a ‘New Industrial Revolution’, described as ‘where creative thinking is meeting new technologies to inform new manufacturing techniques, product customisation and SMART business innovation’.

WIRED Pop-Up Store


Exhibits will include 3D home printing innovators MakerBot; robotics from Archbotics Hexapod; camera tech by Autographer; flat-pack housing by WikiHouse; electric transportation by GoCycle and ZBoard; and a networked printer that reels off personalised newspapers courtesy of innovators BERG. The big centre piece of course will be the Samsung 75″ SMART TV that we have previously featured here. This gigantic centrepiece will show some of the beautiful photography found within the pages of WIRED. It will also be showing a variety of factual films and documentaries, expert talks relating to WIRED content, and live recording sessions for BBC Radio 4 and WIRED’s weekly podcast.


There will be a number of firsts for the UK at the WIRED pop-up arcade: MakieLab, who produced customised 3D printed dolls; Hiut Denim, introducing a ‘history tag’ concept to their jeans; S[edition], bringing a digital art gallery to the behemoth Samsung centrepiece including works by Damien Hurst, Tracy Emin and Shepard Fairey. Oh, and if all these screens are too much for you, then there are some books on display courtesy of Thames & Hudson.


Now we’ve had a chance to go down and check it out, it is all quite impressive. There are a number of UK firsts on display, although sadly a lot of it is in glass cases! My favourite aspect of this venture is the s[edition] digital art exhibition in its own separate venue in the arcade. The walls each have stunning TVs, displaying work by some of the most recognisable names in art specifically designed for such viewing. Saying that, its actually hard to recognise its an art display rather than a fancy Samsung TV showroom! The store and its components opens on the 30th November until the 6th December. Whilst you cannot pick up products in the store, many will have links to their online places of purchase, as well as potentially a dedicated WIRED store page like they do for the US equivalent events. 

The pop-up store can be found occupying a few berths at the Quadrant Arcade on Regent Street. also, if you are curious about any of the events going on in store, check out the schedule here.

 Below are some of the things you will be able to find there…



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