Brits are renowned bargain hunters, but according to research commissioned by new household bill management app WonderBill, we prefer to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to managing our household bills. WonderBill surveyed 3,000 people and discovered that many of us rarely compare prices and often try to save through ‘unorthodox methods’ instead.

Brits Could Be More Bill Savvy According to WonderBill Research

The research revealed that rather than dealing with our bills, 32% of us Brits are ‘managing’ bills through unorthodox methods including ‘binge watching Netflix’ to forget about them, ‘hoping for a miracle’, ‘praying for an answer’ or using the ‘old filing method’ of throwing them straight into the bin.

According to the research, there seems to be confusion when it comes to switching household service providers. Of those who said they were considering switching providers (59%), a quarter of them had no clue how to track down the best deals. Instead, 31% of Brits focus on using less, especially on their gas and electricity rather than switch to a cheaper tariff. Check out all the stats in the infographic below.


So while 67% of Brits do keep tabs on their bills, 43% are using old school methods to do it, preferring to track their bill expenditure using notebooks, calendars or diaries, rather than using apps and online tools. WonderBill want to change that with their recently launched app.

The WonderBill app lets you host all of your household bills in one place and also offers comparison and switching for gas, electricity, mobile and broadband. It also offers comparison for TV and landline providers, which means you can access all of your bill accounts on one screen with one intuitive dashboard.

Head over to the app store or WonderBill Website for more details.


While all words are our own, this post has kindly been sponsored by WonderBill.



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