We all know how brilliant a smartphone is. But we also know how much of hassle it can be to carry with you all the added accessories you might need day to day. Very few of us have the space for the chargers, stands and leads. So we think the WonderCube is a brilliant little invention.


It occupies just one cubic inch, yet the WonderCube offers eight key functions. Designed to stay on your key chain, it neatly folds into a cube and is completely covered without any exposed contacts. It’s also handily available in Lightning and micro-USB variations depending on your phone. Not to mention extremely durable but still lightweight enough.

The WonderCube features: a foldout flexible USB cord measuring 3 inches when extended; a built-in gold-plated connector to ensure quick charging through any USB port; an innovative phone-stand. WonderCube’s micro-suction cups plate can easily attach or detach on the phone’s back panel; 64GB of USB memory; a place to put in a 9V battery for extra juice; and a convenient LED mini torch.

The WonderCube will be available in 4 colours. You can pick between Black, White, Blue and Green, as well as the option of having a slogan or name imprinted to add a personalised touch if you so choose.

The WonderCube ranges in price from $45 to $89 (around £29 to £59) and is available from Indigogo, where it’s expected to be released in August this year. We think they’re a must – especially if you’re off travelling this summer.




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