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Wood Kubb Computer

While it doesn’t take too much bravery to say that the computer is one of the greatest bits of tech ever invented, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a huge annoyance when it sits cumbersomely under your desk constantly getting in the way of your leg room.

Not only that, while monitors are becoming ever more aesthetically interesting, computers are often ugly and usually make a serious racket. But that is all about to change with the beautifully designed Wood Kubb computer!

The Wood Kubb computer swaps the chunky PC tower for a 4.9 inch x 4.9 inch crafted wooden box which has been developed in partnership with Intel, so it also has the perfect motherboard.

Being so small and attractive, the Wood Kubb is designed to be placed on your desk next to your monitor. It comes in 3 different types of wood/colours with options of White Ash, Brown Ash and a darker Elm.

While the Wood Kubb obviously looks great, it also comes with good computing pedigree. All the connectors that you’ll need come as a standard, with 4 USB ports, a mini-displayPort, a mini-HDMI and naturally Wifi.

There are a load of different processing options when you buy your Wood Kubb, which range from the Intel Core i3 to the Intel Core i5, as well as memory ranging from 8Gb to 18Gb. There’s also the option of LINUX or Windows 10.

The beautiful looking Wood Kubb computer is being sold on Kickstarter with prices starting at around £335 ($459) if you get in early enough. Obviously not cheap but the specs are good and chances are you’re not going to be considering the Kubb if you need something that will hack NASA. Needless to say, it will also look stunning in any contemporary home or office space. Check out the Wood Kubb Kickstarter Page for more spec and pricing details.




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