Woodie Power Hub

All-in-one power hubs are a must for us here at Average Joes. With the amount of devices we use day to day, carrying around a web of chargers is just too much of an inconvenience. But as you can imagine, we don’t just like things to be functional – we like them to look good too. Which is why we love the look of the Woodie Power Hub.

Woodie conveys all your charging needs into a single elegant device. The classy shape and fine materials locate Woodie wherever you need it. It has wireless charging for your phone, AC sockets and USB ports for your tablets too. What more could you need?

While it’s clearly extremely ergonomic, the Woodie is also a beacon of Italian style. You can get hold of one in three different materials: Marble, Wood and Concrete. All of which are crafted by wise Italian Craftsmen and upgrade a simple object into a piece of design.

Woodie’s wooden frames are made of sustainably sourced National Walnut and Oak and the marble is sourced from top quality caves in Carrara (Tuscany) and Levanto (Liguria). We think they’d be a perfect addition to any contemporary home or office.

The Woodie Power Hub is being sold on crowd-funding website Kickstarter and has raised €16,000 of its €65,000 target. You can hold of a Concrete one for a very reasonable £50. So get over to the Woodie Kickstarter Website to see more details.