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Our World Cup Set-Up

As we come to the final of the 2014 Brazilian World Cup, most would agree it has been one of the very best. Breath-taking goals, terrible tackles and horrible decisions, it’s been one for the neutral (especially if you are an England fan!). And that Germany team tearing apart from Brazil was one that will no doubt never be repeated in our lifetime. All those weeks ago, we teamed up with a few brands to pull together our ultimate World Cup viewing arena in the office, and we thought it about time to share with you, andwhat we came up with.


The screen is all important, and of course especially when it comes to sports. Good, strong colours are key, teamed with low lag / refresh rates to get us all of the action as quickly as possible. Our choice, we grabbed the latest Sony Bravia W95 B. It’s near intimidating, at 55 inches it brings the feeling and atmosphere of Brazil right to your living room, well near enough.
The colours are super crisp, with bright tones jumping out of the screen, whilst keeping good contrast to those of a more natural palette. Looks, well its Sony, so a slick profile comes as standard. Slightly wedged shaped if anything, giving the size a solid footprint, and when coupled with a slim bezel, it really does look the business.
Two controls for various actions, and smart features galore make this the hub of any entertainment set-up, as well as a limited edition FIFA Football hub. Giving you access to special footage, stats and some of the very best games from yesteryear via a unique YouTube channel.


Whilst the sound out of the Sony was pretty impressive, we wanted a little more to get over the beer fuelled chants and shouts of joy from the (2) goals England scored. There was of course only one option, the SONOS Playbar.
Whilst not true surround sound, the pure depth of sound and base when coupled with ease of connection to your TV or mobile phone )for a little after football music) is unrivalled. Oh, and did we mention is looks quite superb? Square, boxy and just very cool. It’s the perfect audio foil to our visual delights. Oh and yes, of course it has mute for ITV!



There is no such thing as just watching live programming on it’s own. We all want to be heard, share our thoughts and of course read what others think. This is where a second screen becomes invaluable. For true integration into our Sony Bravia for dual screens, we went with the new Sony Xperia 2 tablet.
Its super solid and you can feel the quality in your hand, as well as having one of the best specs of any tablet on the market at present. It’s also splash and dust proof, which is pretty handy for beer spillage and mucky fingers from chips and dip!

There we have it, our three companions for the perfect world cup viewing pleasure (after being in Brazil of course!). Thanks to Currys / PC World for starting us off with the TV and Tablet combination, and big thanks to SONOS for finishing us off with their Playbar.

What’s your World Cup set-up? Share with us below.



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