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The World's First Edible Drone

It might sound pointless at first, but when consider that this new drone by Windhorse Aero is built for aid relief and not play, you can begin to understand the thinking behind the Pouncer edible drone concept.

With all the beautiful camera drones and toy drones on the market, it can be easy to forget the real importance of some Unmanned Air Vehicles. And to illustrate the point – built for getting aid into hard-to-reach or disaster-struck situations – just one Pouncer edible drone is projected to save up to fifty lives.

The Pouncer is the first drone of its kind, and its aim is to accurately deliver food, water, shelter and fuel to those in desperate need when natural disaster or conflict hits a region. Last year alone, there were around 125 natural disasters. Add this to areas of conflict and you can see the need for easily deployable aid.

The drone can be launched from 20 miles away and can land within roughly 25-foot of a target. As well as being loaded with food and water, Pouncer’s pre-formed shell can be reused to provide shelter thanks to a 9ft wing span. It can also be burnt safely to cook food.

Pouncer Edible Drone 3

While traditional methods of deploying aid can be ineffective, inaccurate or just impossible to use, the Pouncer drone can be loaded with appropriate aid and can fly independently to its pre-planned destination and land accurately, avoiding all infrastructure problems, corruption or hostile groups while saving time, money and more importantly lives.

Current parachute aid delivery systems are extremely difficult to perform, especially when in an area of conflict. Unlike Pouncer, they’re also not designed to provide shelter, cooking or heating to survivors.

While obviously not for recreationally use, the Pouncer edible drone will cost around £500 per drone. Find out more info over at the Windhorse Website.

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