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Wove Band

If you’re still not completely sold on the smartwatch thing then we reckon we’ve spotted something that might make you change your mind. Feast your eyes on the unbelievably cool and futuristic looking Wove Band.

The Wove Band is a new wearable currently being developed by Polyera. Measuring in at 3cm wide and just under 16cm long, the Wove is a multi-touch e-ink wearable that’s held together by a series of hinged links, which allow it to wrap around the wearer’s wrist.

While we may have called it a smartwatch in our intro, Polyera wouldn’t want us to. That’s because they’re trying to distance themselves from the negative connotations of one and in fairness, there are differences.

Mainly the display is big. Very big. The Wove comes in at a whopping 1040 x 200 pixels which compares to 144 x 168 on the original Pebble smartwatch, for example.

But we think we can be forgiven for calling it a smartwatch. The Wove Band is worn on your wrist and comes with an integrated processor and OS that does all the smartwatch-y things you want; it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to display notifications, emails and texts; it runs apps; and, unsurprisingly, tells you the time.

When you receive a text message, rather than tapping to open it like most other smartwatches, all Joes need to do is simply rotate your hand to read the full message – one of the many perks of having such a large amount of real estate to play with!

If you so wish, the Wove can also be removed to double up as an ambient display too. It should be noted this isn’t made for the fitness Joes – there’s no heart-rate monitor or any voice controls.

The Wove Band is set to go on sale in mid-2016. Plenty of time for Apple, Samsung and the like to catch up we fear… There’s no official word on price yet but we think this is one to keep your eye on. Joes can keep updated by heading to the Wove Website.




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