Xbox Smartglass

This slick new app from Xbox has landed on iOS and Android devices allowing you to control your Xbox screen via a mobile or tablet device. It’s a cool bit of kit, controlling anything via your phone or tablet does make you feel powerful and in control of your own world – a little bit like Tony Stark, just without the powerful exoskeleton flying suit thing…


Connect the Xbox Smartglass app to your Xbox and you’re good to go. Swipe across your device and you can scroll from left to right accessing all of the menu choices. It’s very simple to use and does its job well. With the new Sky+ app and Virgin app allowing you to pause TV, browse the TV guide and lots of other cool stuff from your app, this third party controlled stuff is very quickly becoming the norm for the modern tech world.

One small point though. The Xbox smartglass app only works once your Xbox is connected to Xbox Live. And how do you connect to Xbox live? Well, you have to log in using a controller. Catch my drift? Ok so the process isn’t flawless but once you are connected it’s pretty cool and certainly helps connect your digital world onto one device.