While it might like the record player of the future, the XGIMI Z4 Aurora is actually an Android-based home theatre projector that can transform any surface you’ve got that’s big enough into a mammoth 300-inch screen, complete with 4K and 3D capabilities, not to mention high quality audio!

XGIMI Z4 Aurora Home Projector

The Z4 Aurora is a Smart LED projector which is capable of producing a 300-inch screen with unparalleled brightness and clarity. It comes complete with a built-in Harman Kardon stereo system which produces more than just a whisper, believe us.

The Z4 projector itself has actually been knocking around in Asia for a fair while now, but the project has just hit Indiegogo ahead of its UK launch. The huge 300-inch screen is obviously the USP here, but in case you’re thinking, “Well, the quality must suffer as a result…” think again! It’s 4K supported and its image is always fully HD.

Z4 Aurora Home Projector 2
Not only will you get a proper cinema-style experience in your home on your regular flicks, the Aurora is equipped with the active shutter 3D-imaging technique used by DLP cinema projectors. So that means 3D films are supported and you a couple of pairs 3D glasses thrown into the box.

The projector works by simply connecting to you Wi-Fi and syncing it with an accompanying app. That way you can install apps and games onto the Z4 Aurora android system, which means streaming through Netflix and Amazon Prime is simple. Not to mention gaming is a doddle from your tablet too!

Z4 Aurora Home Projector 3
The Z4 projector even uses gesture control for simple controls like playing and pausing but in case you’re feeling lazy, it does also come with a Bluetooth enabled remote. If you’re in the market for a serious home cinema setup, we think the Z4 looks the business with more impressive features than most of its rivals.

While it’s already been made, the XGIMI Z4 Aurora home projector is being sold on crowd-funding website Indiegogo. It’s already reached its target so you’re guaranteed to get one for around £320 ($449) plus shipping. Deliveries are expected at the start of the summer. Head over to the Z4 Indiegogo Page for more details!

Z4 Aurora Home Projector 1



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