3D printing is showing no signs of letting up with the technology becoming ever more sophisticated and functional with every passing day. And one of the best uses for the tech we’ve seen is with this XOCO-made Chocolate 3D Printer!

XOCO Chocolate 3D Printer

It might not necessarily be the most pressing of issues which only 3D printing can solve, but the XOCO Printer does produce something that’s far more enticing than a plastic toy with the ability to sculpt Joes a chocolate treat in basically any shape you want.

The XOCO Chocolate 3D Printer been made by Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp, a small, highly skilled product design studio in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The machine itself works by synching up with an accompanying app, where Joe scan choose from numerous already uploaded designs.

XOCO Chocolate 3D Printer 3
The printer itself works by using a polar coordinate system with a rotating build plate and a single pillar from which both printhead and glass cover are suspended. Just so Joes can see the process in full flow, it also comes with a multicolour LED guiding ring.

XOCO Chocolate 3D Printer 2
XOCO are aiming to sell their Printers to innovative restaurants and serious hobby cooks looking to show off at dinner parties. It makes a nice change to see a 3D printer which is clearly aimed at aiding creativity as opposed to technical business projects.

The XOCO Chocolate 3D Printer is currently only in the prototype stage so there’s no word on price yet. But head over to the Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp Website to keep an eye on any updates and watch the Chocolate Printer in action in the video below.

xoco chocolate printer from Michiel Cornelissen on Vimeo.



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