Instructors spend a lot of time teaching their pupils how to find a more centred/balanced stance to help improve their ride. But this may be a thing of the past with the announcement of the XON SNOW-1 by Cerevo – a binding set that uses sensors to give digital feedback to riders.

Xon Snow-1 Snowboard Bindings

The bindings use 4 x load sensors – 2 per foot, one under each the heel and toe – and 2 x flex sensors in the nose and tail, to collect real time data and provide a detailed overview of the riders technique during each run.

The system measures weight distribution, speed, acceleration, nose/tail flex and a percentage metric listed as ‘gravity‘ incase, like us, you’re virtually a pro and want to show off your SSX tricks.

The data is fed back to the rider via bluetooth to an IOS/Android smart phone app allowing you to evaluate your technique either on the fly or at the end of a run/day. Each binding also houses LED’s in the toe and heel section. The brightness of the LED increases proportionally with the pressure applied to that area giving you instant visual feedback of your weight distribution.

It all sounds pretty cool with a whole load of possibilities. But as with any invention, no matter how awesome, it boils down to how practical it is and whether it will actually have any tangible benefit to the user. The potential benefits are here obvious, but the LED lights, for example, will require you to look down to check the brightness and therefore break stance, making them a bit pointless; and, most importantly, the bindings still need to be comfortable to ride. While we haven’t tested them out, they do look a bit cumbersome.

The XON SNOW-1 bindings are set for release at the end of the year and, while no official price has been given, should set you back around £300-400. While they’re certainly not cheap, they’re definitely something to keep your eye on. Full details are available on the Cerevo website.




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