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Yicong Lu‘s ‘Time of the Day’ Concept Is Our New Favourite Clock

When it comes to interior design, we’re very much on the minimalist bandwagon. Which is why this concept clock by Chinese-based industrial designer Yicong Lu ticks all of our perfectly squared boxes. With no numbers or digits on its face, and an ever changing background tone, the ‘Time of the Day’ clock concept is a minimalist’s dream.

Like all great ideas, the concept for the Time of the Day concept is actually very simple. The clock features three hands – seconds, minutes, hours – that are placed behind the face of the clock. The only other real aesthetics are a black border around the round face and a black stand which keeps it upright.

But the clock’s functionality is what really sets it apart. Time of the Day is designed to change colour throughout the day, having a clear face in the morning (when the light is brighter) and gradually getting darker and darker as the day progresses, ending with a completely blacked-out look at during the night.

Time of the Day Concept Clock 2

The idea is that – whether we’re consciously aware of it or not – our concept of time is, partly at least, determined by the position of the sun and the brightness outside… not just what your phone tells you!

We absolutely love the design. Its clean, monochromatic aesthetic is calming and would fit in any minimalist space, whether it’s your home or office. The hands of the clock are painted white with black tips too, meaning it’s practical too as they’ll be visible no matter how dark the clock’s background gets during the nights.

Unfortunately Yicong Lu’s Time of the Day clock concept is just that at the moment with no signs of it actually getting made. For more of his designs, head over to the Yicong Lu Behance Website.

Time of the Day Concept Clock 5
Time of the Day Concept Clock 3
Time of the Day Concept Clock 4



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