Yves Béhar Unveils Forme Home Fitness Mirror

In the post-COVID-19 world we hopefully find ourselves in sooner rather than later, it’s inevitable that some of the habits we’ve been accustomed to will stick for long haul. One such habit could be home fitness. And following in the steps of the Mirror, the Forme is an at-home fitness machine which has just been unveiled by famed designer Yves Béhar.

Having collaborated with the likes of Samsung on their ‘The Frame’ and QLED 4K ‘invisible’ TVs, as well as Hive on their View detachable security camera, Yves Béhar is one of the design world’s biggest names. So when he releases something, we tend to listen.

And his latest product is something which once again suitably blurs the line between the home and technology. Say hello to the six-foot-tall Forme workout mirror which, when not in use, doubles up as a sleek mirror and is only one square foot in size. Activated, however, the machine comes to life, with its design including a disappearing pair of resistance pulleys that move out for anaerobic exercises.

Yves Béhar Forme Fitness Mirror 2

If you want some guidance during your workout, Forme features an interactive display that shows instructors who help you achieve your goals in eight disciplines, ranging from strength training to yoga and dance. The various training programs also use machine learning to evaluate your performance, and adjust weights and track progress accordingly.

The Forme workout mirror machine is expected to ship in the States this autumn and will be sold both as part of a subscription or as a standalone purchase. Memberships will cost $149 (£120) per month for 39 months, so it isn’t cheap. However, there’s no news on the UK just yet. Find out more over at the Forme Website.

Yves Béhar Forme Fitness Mirror 3

In other fitness news, there could be an easy way to analyse your own body fat thanks to a scanning device called Bello, a body fat scanner designed to analyse the timber around your waist and help you deal with it.