With vinyl sales going through the roof, more innovative turntables are an inevitability. Late last year we featured the RokBlok, a portable and wireless record player which spins around your records instead of the records around it. In a similar mould, take a look at this Yves Béhar-designed Love Turntable, which not only spins on the record, but can also be controlled by your smartphone.

Yves Béhar Love Turntable

With the promise of fusing ‘the intimacy of vinyl with modern day convenience,’ the new Love Turntable allows users to play LPs directly from their smartphone. It’s been designed by acclaimed Swiss designer Yves Béhar and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s set to launch within the next few weeks.

The Love turntable comes in two parts; a glossy Black device which spins on top of the vinyl and a 7” record base on which the vinyl sits. Once you’ve put on a record, the intelligent system then scans over the LP to determine its size and the number of tracks.


The Love device turns counter-clockwise on the still record and can be controlled by a smartphone to play, skip and repeat tracks, alter the volume and even select different RPM speeds. Alternatively, the device itself does also come with an inbuilt button which means if you’d like to start listening to Track Four, you can press the device’s exterior case four times.

Naturally, the Love turntable can connect to any Bluetooth device or WiFi multi-room systems, and if you want to kick it old school, it also comes complete with a 3.5 mm or RCA Bluetooth adapter.

The Love Smartphone Turntable isn’t on sale yet but launch is imminent. Head over to the Love Turntable Kickstarter Website where it’ll set you back around £250.




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