We have all had unwanted gift vouchers. Whether a prize from a competition or a Christmas gift from an Aunt who thinks you like bath salts from The Body Shop. Most of time we let them lapse and basically burn our money. Well not anymore. The new marketplace app called Zeek is an app where you can sell your unwanted gift cards for cold hard cash. Now of course you will never get face value, but you decide what you want to sell it at. Not only can you sell your unwanted gift cards you can also buy your own from other users as discounted prices.

Zeek App Review - Sell your unwanted gift cards for cash

It’s a unique thing and with a bit of forward planning could save you literally hundreds of pounds. Want the latest TV from John Lewis? Why not buy £1000 worth of vouchers from different people for around £800. That’s a 20% saving to start, add on quidco or TCB and you just got yourself a 25% discount on a item you were going to buy yourself anyway. It’s what Charlie Sheen would call #Winning.

Basically people in your local country list any unwanted gift cards they have. A quick search right this second shows everything from £5 to £75 with a 8 – 17% discount and from retailers such as Boots, Starbucks and Currys. To buy you just click through, double check the expiry and then make your purchase. It really is as simple as that.


The reverse. Well if you are given a gift voucher you won’t use and would prefer the cash then you can list your voucher at the rate you want and as soon as someone buys it, you will be sent the money. The trick as always is to sell your card as quickly as possible whilst still getting your maximum profit. So keep an eye on other sales to see where you should be pitching yours.

You can watch our Zeek App Review on YouTube below, and you can also get a no strings attached, completely free Zeek Credit / Discount Code which gives you £5 to kick it all off with. Just type in 2JOE22 into the discount code box. Zeek is available now on Android and Apple. More information can be found at the Zeek website.



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