While fitness tracking has undoubtedly taken off, sleep tracking has yet to get even one foot off the ground. The most obvious reason is probably because not many Joes want to wear a smartwatch to bed. But that could all change with the Zeeq smart pillow – your new jack-of-all-trades sleeping companion.

Zeeq Smart Pillow

Zeeq might be the world’s most sophisticated pillow. Not only does it track your sleeping patterns for analysis on an accompanying app, it also plays music to fall asleep to, monitors and reacts to your snoring, and intelligently wakes you up you up in the morning.

Anyone who lives with their partner will know nothing causes arguments quite like the foghorn you belt out during the night. That’s why Zeeq has you covered with its Snore Alarm. It uses a built in microphone with decibel sensitivity to hear your snoring, and responds by gently vibrating the pillow to encourage the user to change positions without waking you up.

Zeeq Smart Pillow 3
You’ll also get some help falling asleep in the first place by allowing you to listen to music through the pillow. Using iTunes, Spotify or virtually any other platform, you can set a sleep timer in the app so the music will stop automatically.

Your natural sleep movements are recorded by Zeeq and are even used to wake you up at the ideal moment in your sleep cycle, making groggy mornings a thing of the past. Oh, and it’s also pretty comfortable too!

If you’re sold on the Zeeq Smart Pillow, head over to the Zeeq Kickstarter Website where the pillow is being funded. With around a week to go of funding, the Zeeq has smashed its target and you can get hold of one too for around £135 ($179).

Zeeq Smart Pillow 2



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