With living space at a premium these days – especially for those in the city – coming up for new and innovative ways of utilising what little room you do have is essential. One of the niftiest we’ve seen for your bike is the Zero Gravity Rack – a storage solution that lifts, stores and secures your gear – cycling or otherwise.

Zero Gravity Storage Rack

Zero Gravity Racks creates more storage space from a seldom used area, up high. While other storage options are of course available, they don’t often free-up unused space – they simply compact it. With the Zero Gravity Rack, you can store your bike/surfboard/skis out of the way, clearing valuable floor space and creating a tidier, more useful space.

The unique gas strut system makes it easy to raise and lower heavy items with minimal effort on your part. Zero Gravity Racks handles the brunt of the weight so you don’t have to, while raising or lowering quickly and smoothly.

Zero Gravity Storage Rack 4
The Rack works through gas compression. When the rack is lowered, the gas strut compresses air inside a cylinder. After disengaging the safety lock, the gas strut decompresses the air exerting force on the rack, lifting it up without any assistance. The safety lock ensures that the load stays locked into place when fully raised. May sound complicated but it really couldn’t be simpler!

Zero Gravity Storage Rack 3
The Zero Gravity Racks are intuitively designed so they’re easy to install. All you’ll need a drill and maybe a tiny bit of muscle. You can get add-ons too depending on your sport – so you’re covered on the slopes, the road or the waves.

With only a few days left of funding over at Kickstarter, the Zero Gravity Rack will set back Joes around £90 ($119) for a Base Rack, which is perfect for cyclists. If you need extras for your snowboards/surfboards, you’ll need to chuck in an extra £25 ($32).

Zero Gravity Storage Rack 2



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