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Zipbuds Catalyst Wireless Earbuds

Zipbuds have announced the latest addition to their range and they’re calling it the Catalyst. But don’t be thinking this is any ordinary earbud. Zipbuds have been boldly calling the Catalyst the ‘world’s most advanced wireless earbud.’

So what makes the Catalyst so different? Well, Zipbuds say it’s unique in virtually every department imaginable. Groundbreaking sound, waterproofing, comfort, battery length, and a sleek, contemporary design all add up to make the Catalyst one of the most exciting releases this summer.

Catalyst earbuds blend functionality and style for a superior listening experience. Designed by various contributors from a plethora of fields, including engineers, audiologists, and fashion bloggers, the Catalyst is made up of 144 fit combinations to make it as comfortable as possible.

To further add comfort, the earbuds are also designed with a ‘weightless’ stabilisation system which is said to remove any stress on the ears. They’re also water and sweat repellent, which means they’re ideal for any gym-going Joes who need something comfortable while working out.

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But while the ergonomics are all important, for us earphones will always be about the sound, and Zipbuds say the Catalyst has you covered in that department. A ‘superior listening experience’ is provided by the earbuds thanks to their unique, precision-tuned hybrid driver system which isolates high-end and low frequencies, and mimic a built-in subwoofer.

The battery is also impressive as the Catalyst can power Joes up to 2 and ½ times longer than any other wireless earbuds on the market. You’ll get 15 hours of talk and playtime and a whopping 400 hours on standby. If that’s not enough (and it probably should be), Zipbuds also give you the option of an extra battery pack which magnetically clips on for extra juice.

The Zipbuds Catalyst wireless earbuds are available to pre-order over on Kickstarter, where they’re being funded. The campaign made its target after only one day, so clearly the Catalyst is in high demand. Head over to the Kickstarter Website now where early backers can benefit from Early Bird pricing of around £130 ($169).

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