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New Zealand Competition

Ok, today we are helping you win a once in a lifetime chance for a trip to New Zealand for you and three of your mates.

To win, all you need to do is think of a material object you own (car, bike, TV, whatever) that you would be willing to give up in exchange for a trip to New Zealand. Take a picture or video of it, and then convince the world (your friends) to vote for you as the winner! For us, we actually argued about which experience we would have! It would probably be the Winter Highlife one, a bit of travel insurance and away we go! But being in the snow and in the air is right up our street!

To enter, just head over to Stories Beat Stuff.

Now, to get in the spirit of things, we have entered ourselves, so just check out our YouTube video below.

And actually, if you are not going to enter, how about voting for us instead?? Thanks!

Win a trip to New Zealand CompetitionWin a trip to New Zealand Competition QueenstownWin a trip to New Zealand Competition Queenstown Lake Jumpsnowboarding New Zealand Competition



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