It’s only logical that solar-powered gadgets are usually at the mercy of the sun’s availability. But that’s not quite the case with the GoSun Go. Thanks to some patented technology, the new portable solar-powered stove and kettle allegedly doesn’t actually require the sun to be shining at the time of cooking.

The Solar-Powered GoSun Go Cooks and Boils With Just the Sun

Absorbing power across a broad spectrum of solar radiation, including ultraviolet light, the GoSun Go is attempting to make solar-powered cooking easier and more accessible than ever. The ‘stove’ cooks most meals in 20-30 minutes with a 400g/420ml capacity, making it ideal for campers and remote areas where starting fires may not be an option.

So how does it work? First, sunlight is reflected by the Go’s compound-parabolic reflectors onto a double-walled tube with a vacuum pulled inside. This tube then converts the light into heat and traps it inside of the vacuum layer, providing incredible insulation. In theory, as long as you have a bit of sun, you’re in business.


To cook with the GoSun Go, just fill the tray with your ingredients and place into the sealed cylinder. For boiling water, just adjust the Go’s base and set it vertically. A removable cap detaches from the tray handle to keep the heat in. Perfect for tea, coffee, dehydrated foods and sterilising water.

The Go comes in a durable compression moulded EVA foam clamshell, which is designed to absorb almost any impact. Completely submersible and saltwater tolerant, the Go is ready for trekking on both land and sea, and it’s also always cool to touch.


Without testing it, we can only speculate how well the GoSun Go cooks and boils, but considering the company have had other successful larger models, we’ve no reason to believe otherwise. The only issues we can see are, of course, the amount of sunlight will directly affect cooking time. The cooking tray itself also isn’t the biggest, and we suspect you’re not going to get that BBQ charred taste with the Go.

The GoSun Go is currently being sold over on Kickstarter where it’s already smashed its original target with well over 30 days of funded to go. Head over to the GoSun Go Kickstarter Website where you can order one for around £75 ($99). Deliveries are pencilled in for April 2018.




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