X-Men Days of Future Past Mutants

X-Men Days of Future Past has so many mutants in it, you might need to brush up on them before you get in there, or maybe check this afterwards to remind yourself of who that funny looking mutant was? We help you with our list of all the main X-Men mutants, names, alias’ and actors.

Logan / Wolverine: Hugh Jackman

A badass mutant who has superfast healing, enhanced senses, adamantium on his bones and retractable claws.

professor x

Charles Xavier / Professor X: James McAvoy / Sir Patrick Stewart (older)

A very powerful telepath who is pretty smart as well.


Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto: Michael Fassbender / Ian Mckellen(older)

A mutant with ridiculously the ridiculously strong power to control and manipulate all metals.


Raven Darkhölme / Mystique: Jennifer Lawrence

Shapeshifting, blue, flexible and a well trained martial artist.


Ororo Munroe / Storm: Halle Berry

A mutant who can control the weather, including lightning.


Rogue: Anna Paquin

A mutant with the ability to absorb the life force and/or mutant abilities of anyone she touches.


Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat: Ellen Page

A mutant with the ability to phase through solid objects and apparently send people’s minds back through time and space.


Hank McCoy / Beast: Nicholas Hoult

A mutant with super-strength, agility and speed. A bit blue from time to time, but also very damned clever. A seasoned diplomat.


Iceman: Shawn Ashmore

A mutant with the ability to create and manipulate ice, including skate on the stuff and freeze the moisture in the air.


Bishop: Omar Sy

A mutant with the ability to absorb energy to redirect it in blasts and explosions.


Colossus: Daniel Cudmore

This giant man can transform his skin into steel, which grants him with phenomenal strength, stamina, and durability.


Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver: Evan Peters

A mutant with the ability to run at supersonic speeds and perceive the world at a speed faster than anyone around him.


Blink: Bingbing Fan

A mutant with the ability to create portals to teleport herself, anyone or anything through.


Sunspot: Adan Canto

A mutant with solar-powered super-strength and near invulnerability


Warpath: Booboo Stewart

A mutant with super-strength, near invulnerability and the ability of flight


Alex Summers / Havok: Lucas Till

A mutant with the ability to absorb cosmic energy and release it in blasts, like cyclops funnily enough.


Toad: Evan Jonigkeit

A mutant with super-strong legs, big assed tongue and can spit some pretty foul goo.